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Shown below are some of our most popular flags.

We also can get many more types, sizes, and styles, including stick flags, car flags, motorcycle flags, fan (bunting) flags, pennant strings, windsocks, and more.  Below is a list of the styles available, or we can even have custom flags made to your design.  If you do not see the specific flag you need pictured, please email us with your request, and we will get back to you with pricing, etc.
(Please note: not all styles available in all types)

  • Rainbow Flags

  • Lesbian Pride Flags
  • Gay Pride Flags
  • Bear Pride Products
  • Leather Pride Flags
  • New Old Glory Flags
  • Bisexual Flags
  • Transgender Flags
  • Transsexual Pride Flags
  • Double Female Symbol Flags
  • Double Male Symbol Flags
  • Pink Triangle Flags
  • Rainbow Hearts Flags
  • Black Rainbow Triangle Pride Flags
  • Straight Ally Pride Flags
  • Equality Pride Flags
  • Double USA Venus Pride Flags
  • Double USA Mars Pride Flags
  • Born This Way Pride Flags
  • Pansexual Pride Flags
  • New Old Glory Tri. Pride Flags

  • Don't Tread On Me Pride Flags
  • Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flags
  • Genderqueer Pride Flags
  • Bigender Pride Flags
  • Two-Spirit Pride Flags
  • Transexual Alt Pride Flags
  • Drag/Feather Pride Flags
  • Polyamorous Pride Flags
  • Aromantic Pride Flags
  • Greyromantic Pride Flags
  • Lithromantic Pride Flags
  • Demromantic Pride Flags
  • Biromantic Pride Flags
  • Demisexual Pride Flags
  • Autosexual Pride Flags
  • Polysexual Pride Flags
  • Androphilia Pride Flags
  • Gynephilia Pride Flags
  • Skoliosexual Pride Flags
  • Lithsexual Pride Flags
  • Asexual Pride Flags

  • Hermaphrodite Pride Flags
  • Gender Non-Binary Pride Flags
  • Intersex Pride Flags
  • Trigender Pride Flags
  • Androgynous Pride Flags
  • Neutrois Pride Flags
  • Agender Pride Flags
  • Gender Fluid Pride Flags
  • Panromantic Pride Flags
  • Rainbow Peace Flags
  • Peace with Sign Pride Flags
  • Swirl Peace Flags
  • Rainbow Pace Flags
  • Pennant Flags
  • Full & 1/2 Bunting Fans
  • Flag Windsocks
  • Light Post Banners

  • California Pride Flags
  • Texas Pride Flags
  • Canada Pride Flags
  • Australia Pride Flags
  • Australia Pink Pride Flags
  • Israel Pride Flags
  • Israel Trans Pride Flags
  • Mexico Pride Flags
  • South Africa Pride Flags
  • EU Gay Pride Flags
  • England Blue Pride Flags
  • England Pink Pride Flags
  • Mini Banners
  • Garden Flags
  • Static Clings
  • Ribbon Magnets

Item PHS-RF01   Rainbow Flag

The rainbow flag has become a recognized symbol of the gay and lesbian community. Use of the rainbow flag began in the 1970s, primarily on the West Coast where it could be seen waving in the wind during Gay Pride marches. Today it is recognized throughout the US, Canada, and Europe as a symbol of gay and lesbian pride. The six colors of the rainbow represent the diversity of the lesbian and gay community, a community that encompasses people from all backgrounds, races, and national origins and that spans the panoply of faiths and experience.

Top Quality Sewn Nylon Flags,double stitched for durabitity. These flags are suitable for hanging indoors or out.
The hang band is reinforced and contains 2 brass grommets for hanging.
Available in 8 sizes (**NOTE - 8'x12' & 10'x15' flags have a canvas header, rope and thimble attachment to hoist your flag on a flag pole, and one brass grommet).

Select size:

Item GPD-FL04   Gay Pride Street Flag
20 Feet Wide x 33 Feet Long Parade Flag, made of heavy duty nylon, with each panel of color double stitched.  This is the flag we all help to carry!
(Helpful hint: To carry, position 2 people at each corner and 1 person at each 5 foot interval...18 people total.)
Special Price of $435.00, plus add'l. actual shipping and handling charges.
Free shipping does not apply on this item.
Please e-mail us to order

Item GPD-FL100 "Budget" Rainbow Flag
These are printed Polyester Rainbow Flags, with seams are double stitched for durabitity. Not as durable as our Nylon flags (shown above), but still very attractive and extremely reasonably priced. The hang band is reinforced and contains 2 brass grommets for hanging. Available in your choice of 2 sizes.

Select size:

Item GPD-FL21    Double Female or Double Male Rainbow Flag
3 ft x 5 ft printed Polyester flag with 2 metal grommets for flying your flag high and proud.
Price $10.95

Select your style:

Item FI-RF029   Coexist Rainbow Flag
3ft x5ft Polyester Coexist Rainbow Flag has header tape and 2 metal grommets, and is dye-sublimated with beautiful bold colors. Printed on one side all the way through the fabric, and double-stitched around all edges with 4 rows of stitching on fly edge
Only $20.95

Item GPD-FL09   Rainbow Peace Flag
3 ft x 5 ft printed Polyester flag with 2 metal grommets for flying your flag high and proud.
Price $10.95

Item GPD-FL50   Gay Pride Wedding Flag
ONE HEART ONE WORLD ONE PRIDE FLAG  This is a 3 x 5 Foot printed Polyester Rainbow Flag, with double stitched seams for durabitity.  The hang band is reinforced and contains 2 brass grommets for hanging.
Price $10.95

Item GPD-FL30   Bear Pride Flag
The International Bear Brotherhood Flag was designed in 1995 and presented to the Bears of San Francisco at the 1996 Bear Rendezvous in San Francisco, California. After the Rendezvous, it was displayed at "The Bear Store", owned by Brush Creek Media, at 9th and Harrison in San Francisco. The colors stand for all nationalities and hair colors of bears throughout the world.
Silk Screen 3ft x 5ft with Grommets.
Price $10.95

Item PHS-WS77   Leather Pride Flags
The Leather Pride Flag has become a recognized symbol of the leather community. The leather community, in this case, encompasses those into leather, Levi, S/M, bondage, uniforms, cowboys, rubber and other fetishes. The Leather Pride Flag was first displayed on May 28, 1989, at the Mr. Leather contest in Chicago, and it was quickly adopted by leather/Levi groups around the world.

Your choice of 7 sizes of Leather Pride Deluxe Nylon Flags with sewn stripes on 200 Denier Nylon and an appliqued pink heart, ideal for outdoor flags. They have a canvas header and 2 brass grommets, with the 3 largest sizes having a canvas header, rope and thimble attachment so you can hoist your flag on a flag pole, and one brass grommet.
Additionally, a 3'x5' silkscreened polyester budget priced flag is available.

Select size:

Item GPD-FL160   Gay Pride Old Glory Flag
The New "Old Glory" Rainbow Flag is a recent development. It is based on the Rainbow Flag and uses the 50 stars on a field of blue in the canton from that of the flag of the United States of America to stress that equal rights for gays and lesbians are crucial in all 50 states.

This is a 3 x 5 Foot Polyester Rainbow Flag, seams double stitched for durabitity, with the hang band reinforced and with 2 brass grommets for hanging.

Item AGAS-NO291   Rainbow Mini Banner
4 inch x 6 inch Mini banner with "brass" staff. Comes with a plastic suction cup for hanging on a window or smooth surface.
Price $6.95

Item GPD-FL15   Rainbow Smiley Face Flag
3 ft x 5 ft printed Polyester flag.  The seams are double stitched for durabitity, & the hang band is reinforced and contains 2 brass grommets for hanging.
Price $10.95

Item AGAS-LO147   Pleated Rainbow Fans
Rainbow Pleated Full Fans (shown) are 3 feet high x 6 feet wide.  Half fans are available in right or left half, and are 3' x 3'.  Both styles are printed on 200 Denier Nylon and double stitched. They have 6 colored stripes, and a canvas header and 2 or 3 brass grommets (depending on style). Ideal for both outdoor and indoor display. This versatile fabric is durable, yet displays beautifully with more sheen than Polyester flags. Perfect for events, celebrations and ceremonies.
$82.95 for full fan/ $48.95 for half fan

Select style:

Item CRW00104   Nylon Rainbow Banners
3' high x 10' wide, with canvas header w/ grommets at top.
$107.95 each

Item GPD-FL62   Gay Pride Bunting
Brighten up your porch or balcony or it looks great indoors, too!  Rainbow Fabric Bunting is 5 ft long x 36 inches wide & ready to hang with Adjustable Drawstrings.
(2 packages required to decorate as pictured)
$19.95 each

Item GPD-FL40   Born This Way Flag
3' x 5' Silk Screened Polyester Flag that pretty much sums up the situation!  The seams are double stitched for durabitity, and the hang band is reinforced and contains 2 brass grommets for hanging.
Only $10.95

Item WS08 - Bi Pride Flag
This flag is used to represent Bisexuals. The colors are magenta, (representing homosexuals), lavender (representing bisexuals), and royal blue (representing heterosexuals). The flag was designed by Michael Page and first unveiled at the 1st Anniversary of the BiCafe on December 5, 1998. The symbolism of the colors is an evolution of the Pink and Blue triangles first used by Gays and Lesbians. When these triangles overlap, purple is the resultant color.

Shown is a 2' x 3' sewn Nylon Flag with webbing and grommets for hanging.  Also available is a budget priced Silk Screened Polyester version, in a 3' x 5' size.

Select style:

Item GPD-WS110  Rainbow Pennant Flags
Available in 3 styles, as shown above.  The Bunting Flag set is 30' long, and has 20 12"x18" flags to a string.  Both Pendant Flag strings are 12' overall length.

Select style:

Item GPD-FL38   Transgender Pride Flag
The Transgender Pride flag is a symbol of transgender pride and diversity, and transgender rights, and was created by Monica Helms (a transgender woman) in 1999, and first shown at a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona in 2000.  Helms describes the meaning of the transgender flag as follows: "The stripes at the top and bottom are light blue, the traditional color for baby boys. The stripes next to them are pink, the traditional color for baby girls. The stripe in the middle is white, for those who are intersex, transitioning or consider themselves having a neutral or undefined gender. The pattern is such that no matter which way you fly it, it is always correct, signifying us finding correctness in our lives".

This is a 3 x 5 Foot Silk Screened Polyester Flag.  The seams are double stitched for durabitity, and the hang band is reinforced and contains 2 brass grommets for hanging.
Just $12.95 each

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