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Item GPD-PAR36   Gay Pride Rainbow Toothpicks
Bag of 144 Rainbow paper flag wooden toothpicks, 2½" long.
$4.95 per bag

Item PHS-WS15   Rainbow Twirl Windsock
The Rainbow Swirl Windsock is a beautiful addition to your porch, patio, garden anywhere you can find to hang it. The windsock is made to twirl in the wind.  52 inches long
Price $11.95

Item GPD-SG20   Pride Shot Glass
3 styles to choose from:
Rainbow Flag is 2½" tall X 2" wide & 2 oz capacity.
Pride Shot Glass is a 1 ounce shot glass.
Tapered Rainbow Flag is 2¾" tall X 1¾" wide, 1½ oz capacity.
Price $4.95 each
Select your style:

Item PHS-MI142   Swirls Night Light
This rainbow stained glass look nite light will help you find your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, while still attractively showing your Pride.
 Only $6.95

Item PHS-MU111   "Clever" Mugs
Start your day with a smile, or maybe just a statement.  This collection of ceramic mugs, suitable for your morning beverage or any other time, should have at least one sentiment that is appropriate for you.  And then, there's that gift for someone that you just can't figure out what to get...
Your Choice $8.95 each

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Item GPD-PAR40   Gay Pride Tablecloth
Plastic rainbow tablecloth, 54" x 108"

Item PHS-GL47    Rainbow Test Tube Shooters
This colorful array of 6 shooters shaped like test tubes with tray, will be a certain hit at your next party.
Test Tubes made out of Acetate (which is a polycarbonate glass - pretty tuff!!)
Price $19.95

Item PHS-MI100  22 Inch Fused Glass Wind Chime
Beautiful to look at, with the sunlight sparkling through the rainbow hued glass, and calming to listen to the tinkling sounds as the wind blows through. Perfect accessory for a porch or sunroom.

SORRY! Item Discontinued

Item GPD-CM10     Peace Love and Pride Coffee Mug
PEACE LOVE AND PRIDE!  This is a 16 ounce Ceramic Coffee Mug, with "Peace", "Love", and "Pride" graphics wrapping the attractive white mug.  These mugs are individually boxed, and make a great gift.
$9.95 each

Item GPD-SG70   Gay Male or Lesbian Champagne Flutes
This is a boxed set of 2 Glass Champagne Flutes.  Each Flute is 7 Inches Tall with a 2 Inch Diameter.  The base is 2.25 Inches.
Just $16.95 per set

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Item PHS-MU48   I’m So Gay Slanted Mug
This is a mug that will make people take a second look! (As well as making a statement!)  Great to have (a set) for yourself, or to give as a gift.  And they're even great to drink your coffee from!
Only $10.95 each

Item PHS-WS10  Rainbow Windsock
The windsock is a beautiful addition to your porch, patio, garden anywhere you can find to hang it. The windsock is made to flutter in the wind.  Made of durableRipstop Nylon.

Select size:

Item GPD-SG50    Gay Pride Beer Stein
This heavy duty glass stein holds 14 fluid ounces, and is 5½" Tall with a 3" Diameter.
Each stein is indivdually boxed.
Sorry, Item Discontinued

Item PHS-WS56   Cascade Strings Wind Dangler
Experience the soothing visual effect of the Cascade Strings Dangler, as it dances in the slightest breeze. Available in three different lengths for you to choose from, all with a snap swivel for hanging.

Select style:

Item PHS-MI103  Cork Backed Coasters
We've all been there...the party's over, the fun is done, and the cleanup begins. To your HORROR, you find water marks on your furniture. Avoid this problem with these Cork Backed Coasters. Attractive and functional, now that's a great combo!
These cool coasters come in a sets of 4, and if you're popular, and you know you are, you should order at least two sets. They're sure to be a hit at your next party. 
$16.95 per set

Select your style:

Item GPD-CL20     Gay Pride Ashtray
Individually boxed heavy duty glass ashtray, 1½" tall x 4¼" diameter, with a Rainbow Pride Flag silk screened on the (exterior) bottom of the ashtray.
$7.95 each

Item GPD-SG10    Stained Glass Suncatchers
Your choice of 3 styles of stained glass suncatchers: Moon and Star Suncatcher (3" wide x 9" long), or Planet Suncatcher (5½" wide x 9" long)dolphin)
Only $5.95 each

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Item PHS-BK50  Leather Address Book or Photo Album
Attractive leather bound books keep track of all your phone numbers/addresses or  memorable photos.  Order the set and save!

Select style:

Item GPD-WS35   Gay Pride Rainbow Pinwheel Spinner
Our 3 Wheel Spinner is the Ultimate Wind Toy!  The wheel diameters are 13 Inches, 10 Inches and 8 Inches.  The stake is 24 Inches.  It is made of fade resistant rip stop nylon.
ONLY $8.95 each

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