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Item GPD-FRESH6   Gay Air Fresheners
This "So Gay I Can't Even Drive Straight" car sign will bring you attention while you're on the road.  It will turn heads and stop traffic!  And it's an air freshener, too!  With a vanilla scent, this 2 x 3 inch paperboard air freshener is a must have.

Get one of these and trick your truck or coolize your car in an easy and inexpensive way.
Just $2.95 each

Item GPD-BS100   My Pride Family Auto Decal Set
Seen on proud family vans everywhere!  Each pack includes 21 stickers--3 6x8" sticker sheets with 2 dads, 2 moms, 2 girls of different ages, 2 boys of different ages, 2 babies, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 rainbow support ribbons, 2 rainbow hearts, 1 entwined male symbol, 1 entwined female symbol and a rainbow flag--plenty of stickers to mix and match and show your rainbow pride! Weather-resistant, extra long-lasting.
Price $8.95 per set

Item PHS-DA03   Rainbow Mini Banner
4 inch x 6 inch Mini banner with "brass" staff. Comes with a plastic suction cup for hanging on a window or smooth surface.
Price $4.95

Item GPD-BS195   Gay Men or Lesbians Stick Figure Decals
Let everyone know what kind of Family this vehicle belongs to! Press and Peel Decal leaves a Rainbow Stick Figure on your window (white backing peels off).  Decal size is 5 inches
Your Choice $4.95 each

Select your style:

Item PHS-HL30   Rainbow Suncatchers
Fused glass suncathers will sparkle even on the gloomiest day.  Six styles for you to choose from, each measures approx 4' x 4', and has a hanging string and suction cup for mounting to any smooth surface (like glass!).
Priced at only $13.95 each

Select your style:

Item PHS-MA19  Rainbow  Equality Flexible Magnet
3 inch x 3 inch
Price $4.95

Item PHS-DA05   Rainbow String Dangler
Your Colors, my friend, will be blowin' in the wind with this gizmo hanging from your rear view.  Also good in a window, on the porch, or just about anywhere you want some rainbow color.
Price $3.95

Item PHS-MB001   2 inch Rainbow Mirror Ball
Hang on your car rear-view mirror, holiday decorations, party decorations and more!
Price $5.95

Item PHS-LP20   Rainbow License Plate
6 inch x 12 inch high impact plastic plate 
Price $6.95

Item RRM01 - Rainbow Ribbon Magnets
Bright, UVA resistant, weather & fade resistant - 8" x 3.5" size is perfect for the car, mailbox, RV -  anything that is metal.  Your choice of 2 styles.
Your Choice $6.95 each

Select your style:

Item PHS-MI11   Happy Face Antenna Topper
2 inch fuzzy foam topper on a spring for that "bobble" effect.
The smile on this little fella will make you smile!
Only $3.95 each

Item PHS-DA06   Rainbow Tassel Dangler
Use it for your Rear View Mirror, on a Graduation Cap, for a Light Switch Pull, or just anywhere you need an Ornament to show your Pride!
Price $7.95

Item PHS-WS66   Rainbow Car Flag
What better way to show your pride than with this Rainbow Pride Car Flag! It easily attaches to your window then blows in the wind as you drive around town, looking cool, as always!  Hey, if sports teams can have 'em, then so can we!
12x15 inch Nylon Double Sided Car Flag, double stitched for durability.  17 inch plastic post attaches to your car window.
Price $7.95 each

Item GPD-AT20   Rainbow Antenna Ball
WOW! Place this 2 inch ball on your car antenna (or pencil at school or work!) and watch the response you get.   Made of dense styrofoam.
Price $3.95 each

Item PHS-LP22   Triangle Rainbow License Plate
Great way to show your colors while cruising down the highway.
You can even put it in a back window!! 
6 x 12 High Impact Plastic
Price $7.95

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